Antietam 3D

Sharpsburg, Lutheran Church
(US Library of Congress)

So with a New Year I decided I needed to establish a new plan, or rather rationalise my projects into some form of coherence.

Sadly, a few years ago I had a successful Kickstarter based around the La Haye Sainte farm at Waterloo, but only sadly in that I let life get in the way, and never really followed up with a sequel.

So with some time to spare on a recent sojourn to visit my parents I “got lost in the footnotes”(1) of the US Library of Congress photo archive, and suddenly the plan was a little clearer, 3D models (as I had for my Kickstarter) for Antietam. Starting with the Dunker Church, then the Lutheran Church, the Burnside Bridge (though I have the Hovell’s model of this so it is less important), and then 2-3 generic clapboard buildings that can serve to represent a small built up area, or a farm.

Thankfully, the preservation of many Battlefields and the abundance of archival photos should make the research stage a little smoother unlike earlier periods, and it should help me get onto the technological stage of creating so much faster. And who knows, maybe along the way I will get inspired to finish the long procrastinated rebasing of my Confederates and Union figures into a semblance of uniformity.

But one question: to make the models “perfect” or if appropriate, with battle damage?

(1) Getting lost in the footnotes is a phrase I first heard from Thomo (of the Hole fame) in an anecdote relating to how he got through University with some learning instead of simply an education.

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