The “lead pile”

When it comes to wargaming projects I am not sure if one ever reaches a stage of 100% completion, rather I think we get to a point (or hope that we do) that the armies are functional, and we have enough variance to stage an enjoyable game and vary the scenario if narrative play takes our fancy.

Or, more likely, our never shrinking “lead pile” grows with an ever increasing list of projects, a shiny distraction that ensures that we never seem to reach that stage where we are content to rest, and put a project or period to bed.

Throughout the years I’ve devoted to this hobby, with the exception of the very early Airfix and ESCI plastic Napoleonic’s I am yet to rationalise a period or purchase. Which is a way of saying that I have a huge lead pile, and lots of half forgotten projects that are boxed and buried in storage. Thinking on this of course got me mind set on another course…

…for me, is it in the collecting and the having, is it the acquisition and dream of “one day”, or is it in the actual playing? (I do wonder if I am holding on to projects for some future imagined day, meanwhile using feeble excuses to procrastinate)

So maybe what I need to do is have a “Clayton’s rationalisation” *, not so much a spring clean of projects on the go, but a narrowing of focus to such that I get one (or two) to a stage where I am prepared to let it rest on its own and take battle on the table. So with that in mind:

  1. ACW – 15mm
    1. finish basing the CSA (this rounds out 3 Divisions for the South)
    2. do flags for all regiments,
    3. base limbers and some generic wagons,
    4. finish 3D modelling and printing terrain buildings and scenic features: fences.
  2. Napoleonic – 15mm
    1. magnet the bases (for storage and transportation)
    2. take stock of the Prussians and contemplate expanding beyond the Peninsular. (will need Dutch-Belgians)
  3. Saga – 28mm (Vikings, Saxons, Normans)
    1. take stock, sort, and rebase,
    2. some of the older figures may require a paint touch up and wash or dip to given uniformity to paint style,
    3. add shield decals
    4. movement/unit trays for Saga or Ravenfeast (from Little Wars TV)

I do have some other projects I could add to the list, but as a rationalisation these three should see me through the year, and to be honest, if I get them done by December I will be both very surprised and quite chuffed that I have overcome my usual glacial progress.

* Clayton’s was a mixer in Australia that advertised itself as “the drink you have when you aren’t having a drink”, I could never really see the point of it, and have no idea of such a hideous idea existed in other countries as well.

5 thoughts on “The “lead pile”

  1. Love this post, mostly because I think everyone within the hobby can relate to it in someway. The different ways we can enjoy this hobby is what I believe to be one of its strengths! It’s fun to research and acquire without having to paint or play. It’s awesome to daydream about massive completed projects. Then of course gaming is loads of fun all in its own. We all indulge in these differently but at the end of the day they all combine to make our hobby so enjoyable.

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    1. While I want to “complete” a period or project I think I also recognise that I am easily distracted, so am merely trying to find out what works for me to keep the focus. Sadly a dearth of opponents also curtails inspiration, unless I am willing to play Warhammer, or Flames of War, and while I have dabbled in the former, I have too much in 20mm to really consider the later, so for now I am content to be a “collector”…though maybe I should look more seriously at solo wargaming to fill the gap at the moment. (mmm…an idea?)


  2. I do ‘complete’ projects but absolutely agree with the concept of the dream being a driving part of the enjoyment of the hobby… and my basement if full of such dream projects… Part of things which keeps me going as well is being able to switch up and change scale and style of painting. 15mm ancients one week, ships or planes the next etc.


    1. I think having a few things on the go, is probably the best way. Personally I am too much of a “butterfly” to focus exclusively on one period or theatre, so the ability to shift gears when the urge sets in does keep the hobby fresh. I do have a pile of ships from the Oak and Iron Kickstarter…so maybe something new to try…mmm.

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