Smokin’ Joe

Smokin Joe Wagyu Beef Burger with cheese. 8/10 SGD $9.50

Smokin’ Joe is located within the Yishun Hawker Centre on the corner of Yishun Ave 11 and Yishun Ring Rd. (store #01-37)

This was my second burger here and the consistency across the two visits means this burger might become the baseline standard against which to measure cheeseburgers in Singapore.

The burger was well constructed and from the plate up consisted of bun, sauce (mayo), lettuce, tomato, 150g wagyu beef patty, cheese and bun. The cheese was an extra 0.50c added to their standard Wagyu Beef Burger, it does not come with onion (I did not ask if it could be added) and like most burgers served in Singapore was served with French Fries. Throw in a beer, this time it was a Singha at SGD $5.00 (a large Tiger at this Hawker is SGD $6.80) and you’ve got a very cheap and filling meal.

The patty remained tasty and juicy until the last bite, though it was a tad undercooked in the middle, and the tomato was ice cold having probably come straight from the fridge, which gave an interesting texture for the middle few bites. While the bun was not toasted it was both large enough and robust enough to survive the meal without leaking burger all over my hands while holding it, which is a huge tick in my plus column, as I like to eat a burger not wear it.* For the price this burger will be very hard to beat, even if the location of Smokin’ Joe is a little ulu for most people, it is definitely worth the public transport cost, and an excuse to explore the North.

Rating is 8/10 for flavour, and $ for price.

* NOTE: wearing the burger while trying to eat it is a real pet peeve of mine. A lot of it comes from burger places not toasting the buns and using a bun that is small and so shows off the fillings for photography. So while Thomo added a point for a bun that held together throughout the meal and I will too, I am also going to take away a point if the burger does not hold together and I end up with it running down my hands or slopping onto the plate.

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