The War Game

Of course I am talking about the book by Brigadier Peter Young, a wonderfully dated anthology of wargaming different battles from X to X with each chapter written by a different personality of miniature wargaming history. I don’t recall when or even where I picked up my copy to add to the wargaming library. The tag tells me it only cost $15 at the time of purchase, and while that does not seem a lot it has sat on my shelves for 20+ years so I am sure it was considered a not small amount when I bought it.

I am not going to review the book, many others have done so far more eloquently than I, and in fact it sits on my shelf rarely looked at and probably even more rarely thought about until my perusal of back issues of Miniature Wargames (issue 409, May 2017) threw up the article “Roots” by Andy Copestake, and a mention was made of the Brigadier and his book.

To my friend Peter Stuart Sherrington, Happy days – Peter Young Jul 1972

This in turn got me a little lost in nostalgic recollections of past purchases. I recall buying this book when I was basically buying anything I could find related to wargaming, back when the Internet was still very much in it’s infancy and books were a major source of guidance and knowledge. One of the reasons I had purchased this particular copy was that it was signed by the author and included an inscription. I always wondered who Peter Stuart Sherrington* was to get a personal inscription signed by the author himself, was this simply the pithy inscription of a book signing, or was their’s a genuine connection and a real friendship?

Sadly of course the internet proved little help in satisfying my curiosity or rather the answer eluded my search efforts, as all the Peter Sherrington’s I seem to have found are probably far too young to be a friend of Peter Young in 1972.

* Interestingly while the inscription clearly shows the middle name as Stuart, an owners label in the front of the book says it once belonged to “Peter D. Sherrington”…adding to the mystery. Oh, and I am pretty certain that I purchased the book in Australia, so another twist in the story.

2 thoughts on “The War Game

    1. I think that is their purpose, like a book is not a book until its read, a mystery needs to be solved to fulfil its reason. Though this one I fear will stay a mystery for a tad longer.


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