Butcher – The Burger Bar

The Butcher Bar Classic 6/10 SGD $9.80

The Burger Bar is located inside The Patio, which bills itself as Singapore’s favourite Hawker bar.* While I am not sure if this is true, if you are in the North the trip to 1018 Sembawang Rd might be worth it.

Thankfully the Butcher Classic does not come built as it is shown on the menu and instead is built as such: bun, lettuce, tomato, mayo, meat, cheese, bbq sauce, bun. They list the sauce as their “special sauce” but it tasted like run of the mill bbq to me. It did not come with onion, though it was advertised as so, and was served with seasoned thick cut chips. The lettuce was an arugula salad mixed leaf salad and while tasty did not offer any barrier protection for the un-toasted bun, which at first glance seemed a little small to hold together until the last bite, unless you forsake the chips and devour the burger fast.(as I did) So be warned you need to eat this quick if you don’t want it to fall apart in your hands and wear it.

The patty was cooked through, with no discernible seasoning, however the addition of both mayo and bbq sauce helped avoid that dry burger taste** and kept it a juicy meal. The burger itself cost SGD $9.80 and the beer came in at SGD$7.00. And while this is not a bar/beer review, The Patio (the drink stall this Hawker Bar is named after) has a decent selection of beers ranging from SGD $7.00-9.00 for a standard bottle, or SGD $19.00 for 1 litre of Lownbrau. (they also have Guinness on tap, I think it was SGD $12.00) I know I said Smokin’ Joe was a little ulu when I reviewed its burger, but this place is even further North and while a 6/10 burger might not be worth the effort, if we were including beer offerings in the judging it would edge to a 7/10. It is also only a small side-trek off my usual journey home, which is a plus as a destination, but not in rating it’s burger.

Rating 6/10 for flavour, and $$ for price.

* Hawker bars have been in Singapore for a while, the first I can recall was Bar Bar Black Sheep on Cherry Lane from which various incantations have sprung up all over the island. In a nutshell, a Hawker Bar is a small Hawker Centre, usually only 4-5 stalls, one of which is a bar, they others usually favour Thai, Indian and Western (usually burgers) as their fare. They are usually awesome and well worth the visit.

** Think McDonalds Cheeseburger.

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