A gaming catchup

For nearly my entire expat experience of 2 plus decades I have managed a yearly catchup with a good mate: a few beers, some nibbles and a game or two in his gaming room*. After a two year COVID forced hiatus, he and I were able to once again resume my run of bad-luck as a victory turned into a defeat just as a battle concluded and my 1’s were trumped by his 6’s.

So two quick games, the first Romans on Romans using Hail Caesar, a failure to charge home by my cavalry saw the battle turn against me very early on as I defended a ridge. Then an American War of Independence game using Black Powder, where a straight slog saw some initial lucky rolls turn in the later part of the battle as a near run thing came down to the last turn…and the dice do not like me. It was the second game that has me reflecting more and more on the rules I use especially given the popularity of Black Powder for many of my favourite periods, but… (And those but’s probably need a musing all to themselves)

Apologies for the poor quality of the photos, full blame for this goes to me.

Thanks to Greg for the great game and hospitality.

* This gaming room has served as the benchmark since the first time I ever stepped into it; part library, part gentleman’s club, part bar, part military museum with a wargaming table, it is quite simply, inspirational. And something I have always aspired too.

Reading (still): Welker, David A., The Cornfield, Antietam’s bloody turning point. (2020) ISBN: 978-1-61200-832-5

9 thoughts on “A gaming catchup

  1. A great couple of games Anthony, hopefully we won’t have to wait another two years for a rematch! I must say I’m always amazed by the way you can seize defeat from the jaws of victory. Yes, that was a joke mate!

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    1. I totally realise it’s a joke, but also with a wry smile also acknowledge that there is quite a bit of truth to it. Alas my die rolling skills always dessert me when I need them the most. hehe


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