Battle of Seven Pines

Close up of the redoubt (original: John Banks Civil War Blog)

So looking at making some terrain features for ACW battles, I found myself drawn to the twin houses and redoubt that formed such a focus of the Battle of Seven Pines. While a few detailed photos taken in June 1862 show the twin houses clearly and from differing angles the redoubt that formed a contested focal point of the battle is difficult to make out in most of them.

The close up at right comes from the fantastic blog of John Banks, which I think of as essential reading for Civil War gamers and buffs alike. The photo shows a basically dirt rampart construction, it is difficult to make out if any internal bracing existed, though I suspect it in all likelihood did, and apart from the records that and maps that show the redoubt was occupied by artillery, (1 NY Coy A) other details of the redoubt are hazy. For the twin houses, I am going to try and replicate them in 3D-modelling software as close as I can before I print them for battlefield use. Given that the twin houses really are just a mirror of each other, I will design one, and just let the software flip the whole model for me.

Casey’s* Redoubt

Luckily I had already made a redoubt earlier and while it has less earth ramparts than the photo above and below suggest it will suffice for my needs. (see redoubt post)

Twin Houses

2 story square clapboard, brick chimney on east side, door on west (offset to the south), 2 windows upper and lower floors on north and south sides. 12 pane sash windows open (so only 6 panes visible). half circle detailed fascia, chimney detailing at top. hip roof, almost pyramidal. (Design note: 3 part print for FDM printers: roof, fascia detailing, main building.)


The Battle of Seven Pines is also a notable battle for the use of observation balloons by the Union forces, and while McClellan ignored much of the intel that came from the use of the balloon, I do think it would be a fun vignette to model for the table top. (So this is possibly something to add to the list for the future)

* Brig. General Silas Casey was the divisional commander when the redoubt fell to the confederate forces under D.H. Hill. Wrongfully blamed by a sick McClellan for turning certain victory into an inconclusive draw, Casey was to spend the rest of the war in largely administrative posts.

Reading (still): Welker, David A., The Cornfield, Antietam’s bloody turning point. (2020) ISBN: 978-1-61200-832-5

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    1. It’s part of my “increasing” ACW project but also giving more models to add to the store. Though to be fair the “store” is really a hobby within the hobby and I don’t take it seriously enough for it ever to be more than a small diversion.

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