Fall of Singapore

Today is the 80th anniversary of the “Fall of Singapore”.

On the 15 February 1942 at 17:15 General Percival signed the surrender documents at the Ford Motor Factory along Upper Bukit Timah Rd. Hostilities were to cease at 20:30 where along with the unconditional surrender of all defending forces the Fall of Singapore to the Japanese was complete..

So it’s probably appropriate that the official magazine of the National Heritage Board of Singapore devoted its current issue to this historic occasion. (see Vol 15, Issue 1 #44, The Fall of Singapore) I will confess to not being a reader of said magazine, it was really just a fortuitous Facebook suggestion that led me too it. Also it’s a free PDF for anyone who wants to add the read to their device for perusal at their own leisure. (or for reading on the throne, if that’s your thing)

The War in the Far East is a period that has sat on my back-burner for a while, as I gathered ideas, reference texts, and even the odd rule set compendium (or two) so this was a welcome kick in the pants and a good reminder that I am not really good at staying on focus with a single project…so this might just be the distraction that I need for the next month or so while I continue with my 3D model a month project.

As for the magazine…a lot of it reads like an advertorial for the reopened and revamped Changi Prison Museum and the Reflections at Bukit Chandu Museum. In itself this not a bad thing, just an observation, though I will say the article about the Sembawang Naval Yard was a good trip through the Yard and surrounding areas many post war phases, probably made more interesting by my familiarity with the area.

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