An Aside

Hanging on the ceiling of my new barbers, measuring nearly 10′ x 5′ is Gericault’s painting of “the Charging Chasseur”. I remember being blown away by the original in the Louvre as its scale is basically 1 to 1 and it just dominates the wall on which it is hung.

So while wargaming has taken the backburner as COVID restrictions start to ease here and all those social interactions and chores that were delayed are now having to be done, this was a great reminder that, firstly, I have chosen a great barber, and secondly, I need to get a move on with some of my WIP, the “leadpile”, and building a table for actual gaming.

Hope you are all making more my progress than I am?

PS: I passed 1000 page views sometime last week. Not sure if that’s regarded as a milestone, but it was nice to see the counter tick to 4 digits.