I have a Gaming Table

While I have a space to model, paint, and ruminate on projects I’d love to have the time to indulge in, I have since moving been without a table to actually game on. For over two years, I have done lots of collecting, but not much gaming, and while restrictions here will probably limit said gaming to the solo variety at the very least I now have a small table with which to deploy the troops.

Measuring only 3.5′ x 4′, so hardly gigantic, or even close to what I would really like to have, it never the less fits within the space I have, allows for all round traversing and the bar for liquid libation is only an arm length’s away.

I use Geo-Hex for my terrain tiles and these sit on a Deep-Cut Studios Waterworld Game Mat I got the mousepad version, as the weight of it smooths out an irregularities in the gap between the two boards that make up my base, and its rubber backing helps the terrain stay in place. Though I do think I will need to “frame” the Geo-Hex just to stop, or at least minimise and ground movement. I also have some brackets to 3D print to screw to the underside of the table tops to ensure they stay fixed onto the two bookcases that serve as legs. And maybe some form of valance to hide the storage boxes underneath.

I also have to make sure that I remember it’s for gaming, not for storing things upon. So in reality, I still have a few thing to do, but even getting this far feels great. It will feel even better when there are troops deployed.

Speaking of said deployment: given that this week just gone marked the anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, I figure “the cornfield” will be my first “action” to play out on this new space…though first I do need to actually build a cornfield.

Oh, and I did not decorate the grid painted wall, the apartment I am renting came with that particular decoration.