Painting and the Failing Memory

This whole post is more for me than anyone else, and I am pretty sure it’s one I will return to over time to edit, and append. But even with Summer still having another month to run, I already find I’m having trouble recalling the order in which I painted some of my bases and terrain pieces…so this post is really just a dump all of my memory.

Numbers in parenthesis refer to the Daler Rowney colour code, while AP denotes Army Painter, and C denotes Citadel colours, and a whole slew of shorthand to help jog my memory.

Fences – Snake or Rail: Matt Black (spray paint), liberal dry-brush Raw Umber(247), dry-brush 50/50 mix Paynes Grey/War Grey(065/078), dry-brush Warm Grey(078), dry-brush/highlight (bottom rails only) Army Green(AP)

Fences – Picket:

Gabions: Burnt Umber(223), dry-brush Naples Yellow(634), dry-brush Burnt Umber(223), dry-brush Warm Grey(078), dry-brush Tyrant Skull (C-dry) or Buff Titanium(024)

Ground (brown dirt): Burnt Umber(223), dry-brush Raw Sienna(667)

Ground (fantasy black): Process Black(040), dry-brush Warm Grey(078) or any old black matt spray paint, dry-brush Ulthuan Grey(C-layer)

Rust: Process Black (040), wet/dry-brush Plate-Mail(AP), liberal dab-on Typhus Corrosion(C-technical), dry-dab Ryza Rust(C-dry), highlight edges Plate Mail(AP)

Stone: Process Black(040) or any old black matt spray paint, wet/dry-brush Paynes Grey(065), very-dry-brush Warm Grey(078). Build last colour up until happy. Possible last option: dry-brush/highlight (bottom rails only) Army Green(AP)

Thatch: Raw Umber(247), dry-brush Raw Sienna(667), dry-brush Naples Yellow(634), dry-brush Buff Titanium(024)

Wood: Burnt Umber(223), dry-brush Naples Yellow(634), dry-brush Buff Titanium(024)

NOTE: Black can always be replaced by Matt Spray paint. Especially for large terrain pieces and if weather allows.

Dark Ages I

Not much to show this week, and given how crazy the next few weeks at the “real job”* will be, I expect them to be equally as light. However I did manage to get out all my old Dark Ages troops and started to take stock. Over 20 years old, originally belonging to a friend and painted in gloss by him, based on cardboard, and with that amazing 80’s flock, they clearly need a spruce up if I am going to play either Ravenfeast or Saga.

Original (left), spruced up (right), decal by little big men studios.

I blame it on nostalgia that wants me to field these very old castings, also it would be a shame to not let them do battle once more, especially if I can get a chance to “crush enemies, see them driven before me…and you all know the rest.

If only I could work out who made them?

EDIT (18 May): Some of the figures (not pictured) are old Essex miniatures.

Painting Notes: Figure: Oak Brown (Army Painter, AP), Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (AP), Matt White (AP), Platemail Metal (AP), Agrax Earthshade (Citadel). Base: Burnt Umber (Daler 223), Raw Sienna (Daler 667).

* Just found out we have been ordered back into “Work From Home” in the next 48 hours. So a mad scrabble to get some bases 3D printed, and organise schedules and the such before a month of restrictive movement and gatherings takes place. Sadly this means some of the current projects will have to backseat as access to certain “toys” is curtailed for a bit, but on the flip side other projects get to come to the fore.