Adventures in Thatching

So as part of my Dark Ages project I decided I needed a few buildings, and unfortunately Dark Ages buildings means the one thing I have always hated trying to model: thatching.

Hirst Arts Blocks and balsa/craft wood. (I still have the door to do)

I was thinking that maybe teddy bear fur would be the best option, but a quick online search lead me to Hour of Wolves, where the author does an opinion piece on different techniques for success and seems to come down on the side of using towel cut into strips. I have used the towel method, but never in strips, so maybe this is the way forward.

Time to go buy a cheap towel with a decent pile.

Dark Ages – II

Following on from Dark Ages-I, I managed to get far more done in the last two weeks even with work pressure and COVID restrictions than I thought I would be able to, and while I still need to finalise the design and do the flags for both forces, they are all ready to be fight over the outcome of rolled dice.

Also while scrapping the bases clean of the 80’s flock, a number of the figures clearly had Essex inscribed on the bottom, so it stands to reason that they are probably all (or mostly) Essex Miniatures, and knowing the person who gifted them to me nearly two decades ago they were probably purchased from The Tin Soldier, when it existed in the Dymocks Building (Sydney, Australia) during the 80’s, sadly the store has gone the way of many bricks and mortar stores, and has been closed for at least the last 10 years.

Two Viking/Saxon warbands, and a small Norman or Saxon Huscarl force, all grouped for Ravenfeast.

Now onto some 28mm terrain, a Dark Ages hut (or two), some low stone walls, and maybe some church/abbey ruins.

Blogging & WFH – I

I knew last week and the one coming were going to be a little silent on the blogging front, especially given that it’s end of the year, and the workload in the “day job” grows exponentially this time of year, but then COVID decided to throw another spanner in the works and the “little read dot”* shifted to “Work from Home”.

So I have very little to show on the wargaming front at the moment, I’m plugging away at my Dark Ages stuff as the time allows, but honestly in the free moments I have been more likely to stalk my blogroll and be inspired by the work of others. Normal service should resume in the later part of next week, as the “day job” shifts into holiday mode, and the lack of International travel and the Government mandated partial lockdown kinda forces me to paint figures and build terrain all while safely social distancing.

* Singapore