Ratified Research

So the Waterloo Uncovered project had a bit of a write-up in the Dailymail, about their Waterloo Project Model and although not one of my usual reads, the photo above (left) really piqued my interest as it showed the front of the La Haye Sainte barn with an arched door and no chicken coup access unlike commercially available products.

Of more interest to me is that it is depicted just as my own research had shown and as I had designed for my kickstarter (at right) many years ago. So feeling a bit chuffed at the moment, which is a great way to improve the mood in these times of restrictions.

And yes, this is a blatant tooting of my own horn.

Reading (still): Welker, David A., The Cornfield, Antietam’s bloody turning point. (2020) ISBN: 978-1-61200-832-5

7 thoughts on “Ratified Research

    1. When I designed it I scaled it for 15mm, but then generously applied the “goldilocks measure” so it looks just right. I also designed the whole thing to 3D print with a .2mm print nozzle, so it scales up very nicely for 28mm if that is your preferred scale, which is one of the great things about 3D printing and digital design in general, once the digital model is made it is a simple matter for the slicing software to scale it up, or even down to satisfy the figure scale.

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