Limber Fortnight

I have not adopted a new fitness regime nor have I decided to embrace Yoga for the week, rather inspired by Der Alte Fritz and his Limber Day, I have decided to embrace the fact I need want to have limbers represented on my ACW battlefields. Since I have given myself a fortnight (two weeks for those who don’t do English-English slang) to not only base all the limbers I have, but also some wagons, which can serve as both objective markers and heavy ammunition resupply markers if I use the Fire and Fury rulesets.

The plan is to have these done in the next two weeks. Which given that it is approaching the end of my work year, may not be the most realistic as it’s usually the craziest time at work*. But a deadline is often just the inspiration I need, even more so, if I state it rather publicly, rather than just set an arbitrary number in my head that I can soon forget or ignore. (to help with this I have scheduled a post in 2 weeks, that will either be an update of said goal, or a post with a rather hollow sounding question, how did I do?)

So what do I have to do?

Set up ready for the basing and final painting touchup to begin.

And do I need anything more?

Probably more base colour paint, so a trip to Art Friend is in order. And looking at the above photo I realise I am 4 limbers short for both the USA and CSA forces if I want to field one per gun model. But since I don’t have them at this time, they will have to be the subject of some future post.

ACW Bases: PVA draft animals. PVA brown art sand. Raw umber wash. Naples yellow dry-brush. Custom flock blend along edges to give impression that the base is a road. (NOTE: two parallel dirt trails split by grass is a feature of car driven tracks, with wagons the grass line was where the draft animal walked, most wagons being single drawn.)

* Added to which I do get the second vaccine jab later this afternoon, and I have heard that it can give some people a few days of illness, so hopefully this will not be the case and I won’t lose any more time to COVID, but even if I do, small price to pay for being able to travel home and see my parents.

Dwarves – just because

Something I managed to finish over the weekend.

Ahhh the wonders of photography to highlight the errors of the brush. ie: the grey dry-brush on the side of the base is not half as noticeable when holding the model. The cogs beneath the crew are 3D printed from a file I found on thingiverse awhile ago and I resized to be a the same height and diameter as a standard figure base. I opted for them instead of the standard base design to give an Ironweld Arsenal flavour to my dwarf* engineers and weapon/gun crews.

I simply sprayed them matt black, then did a dab effect with Citadel Typhus Corrosion followed by a very random dry-brush with Citadel Ryza Rust. The names might be kinda weird, but there is no denying how good the Citadel paints are, more so the technical and contrast paints especially for someone like me who is a very average painter, and who adheres to the “at arms distance” (ADD) principle of painting for wargaming miniatures.

* I refuse to call them Duardin, unless I ever get the urge to play in something “official”.

Some progress

I have finished basing two regiments of CSA and a battery of guns, which rounds out my 3rd Division for the South at 5 regiments, which is the standard I have used throughout. I still need to do the flags, but that’s a job for another weekend.

The figures were purchased from Hinds Figures in the UK, then I simply give them a coat with Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt Varnish (make sure to shake well) then rebase them to match my existing collection.