Napoleon, First Consul 1799.

Today is the anniversary of the death of Napoleon.*

The figure pictured here was painted by my brother nearly 33 years ago as a “good luck” present as I left home for the RMC-Duntroon. The figure has followed me around the world, no longer on its base, and the sabre is showing definite signs of a much needed touch up. It was painted at a time, before washes, inks and shades, it is the simple application of patience and a very dry brush. I have a few figures painted all those years ago by my brother mostly they are fantasy figures, generally of the old Citadel range and all painted with the same techniques.

Next to the ACW infantry bust my father made while doing his retirement art-diploma, this figure is the one most valued in my collection as it represents my very introverted and reserved brother showing me he cared and he would miss me.

I’ve been meaning to give Napoleon a new base and possibly a new brass plaque, but on the later I am conflicted. I also think a nice bell jar or glass cover to protect him from the knocks of the world is in order. And further I think I should prioritise this and then send a photo to my brother just to let him know that Napoleon is still with me and is very much valued.

* French Napoleonic 1/72nd ESCI troops were the first army ever on my lead pile, long gone, but fondly remembered.

6 thoughts on “Napoleon

    1. A lot of the “memorabilia” or military bits I have dotted around my future “game room” are the result of well thought out gifts by friends, or the passing on of family items that link to a military past. They are also the items I would want to grab first in a fire…dare I say ahead of the toy soldiers.

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  1. Many are reflecting on this day. Nice looking model. I remember the ESCI French very well although my start was with Airfix.

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    1. I had the Airfix too, I seem to recall that they made the better selection of cavalry, and of course there was the La Haye Sainte playset, which I owned years later, errors in architecture not withstanding, as it stood as a strong point, oversized as my 15mm troops fought for control.


    1. Thanks John. I am kind of lucky in that although neither of my brothers wargames they have both in their own way been very supportive of my “addiction” over the years.

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